Portfolio > You Are Not A Guest

Gouache, watercolor, ink, liquid acrylic, and graphite on Bristol board

My new comics collection, You Are Not A Guest, is now available directly from [https://www.fieldmouse.press/shop/p/you-are-not-a-guest] or from your favorite indie bookstore.

You Are Not A Guest compiles all of the short comics I've done since 2016, in print for the first time.

Praise for You Are Not A Guest:

"In You Are Not A Guest, Leela Corman is in a no holds barred wrestling match against Trauma set to the tune of an antifascist punk band. She leads us into the heart of her personal tragedies: the death of her daughter, and her family’s history in the Holocaust, but in not sparing the reader, she gives us her power. These are 'wounds that never heal', but she provides us with a roadmap of the changed place beyond sorrow, a cosmic song that reaches beyond time and space to comfort us. I am deeply grateful for her fearless work." — Lauren Weinstein, author of Girl Stories and Goddess Of War

"Leela Corman is an exemplary tour guide through these labyrinthian stories of sub and hyper consciousness, the deep humanity of her voice holding us safe amid the dreamlike beauty and horror of her artwork. Her stories navigate some of the darkest territories of the human condition with love and courage and a wicked gallows humor." — Thalia Zedek, musician, Thalia Zedek Band, E, and Come

"Corman's stories show us how contending with history and loss can heal as well as it can haunt. She gracefully dances us through past and present, revealing how inextricable pain can be from the full experience of being alive." — Vanessa Davis, author of Make Me A Woman